Principal Investigator

Caring for Seniors with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Team Approach to E-health Supported Homecare

  • Markle-Reid M, Valaitis R, Archer N, Bender D, Gafni A, Matthew-Maich N, Ploeg J, Taberner C.

  • January, 2016 - January, 2018
  • The study will focus on learning about how to best implement a new model of interprofessional, community-based stroke rehabilitation so that it becomes normalized in practice. It will also evaluate this innovative e-Health approach. It involves a rigorous evaluation of impact and an assessment of implementation processes (e.g., technology uptake). Assessment components will include a measure of effectiveness, and will contribute to changes in practice, care and public policy. Most importantly, this pilot project will enhance our collective knowledge of how new mobile technology can support decentralized, connected care that puts patients first.

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  • Funded by

    Max Bell Foundation

Research Team

  • Archer N
  • Bender D
  • Gafni A
  • Matthew-Maich N
  • Ploeg J
  • Taberner C.