Uncovering Usability Issues Using the Think Aloud Method: A Mobile e-Health Solution to Support the Care of Older Adult Stroke Survivors with Multiple Chronic Conditions in Home Care

  • Markle-Reid M, Valaitis R, Bender D, Gafni A, Matthew-Maich N, Ploeg J, Taberner C, Thabane L. (2017)
  • October, 2015

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Designing and Developing a Mobile Health Application to Support Community-Based Stroke Rehabilitation: My Stroke Team (MYST)

  • Matthew-Maich N, Markle-Reid M, Bender D, Taberner C, Ploeg J, Valaitis R, Gafni A, Harris L. (2015)
  • January, 2015

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Working Together to Manage Multiple Chronic Conditons (MCC)

  • Ploeg J, Matthew-Maich N, Fraser K, Dufour S, Cleghorn C, Emili A, Kaasalainen S, Markle-Reid M, McAiney C, Keefe J, Upshur R. (2014)
  • August, 2014

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